Uber Expand Electric-bicycle Service To European Cities

Update:13 Jun 2018

Electric-bicycle service will be provided in European c […]

Electric-bicycle service will be provided in European cities and the first destination is Berlin!



As reported, electric bicycle which is a bicycle having electric motor in the center of wheels, will be expanded to Europe by the popular ride-hailing app company Uber. The bike rental program named Jump.


Since Berlin has app-based signature ride-hailing (bike rental) services, Uber decided to choose this city as its first station this summer. Their next step is spreading the service to other European cities.


"Tackling air pollution, reducing congestion and increasing access to cleaner transportation solutions," Uber's chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi stated. Besides, the company announced the insurance for the region's drivers and a $23.5 million investment in a Paris development hub for flying taxis, according to CNET.


Each available electric bike can be used for 30 minutes after costing $2 via the app while you can get electric boost of up to 30 km/ph if you pedal.


Are you an European electric bicycle rider? Isn't is an exciting news?