The Major Trends Of Electric Bikes And Its Influences

Update:30 May 2018

As a part of a wide range of Light Electric Vehicles th […]

As a part of a wide range of Light Electric Vehicles that provide convenient local transportation, Electric bikes even can be converted from conventional bicycle, which makes riding e-bikes becoming a poular lifestyle in usual life. Do not believe it?

A big news! Since there are thousands of delivery workers using e-bikes in their works, Mayor de Blasio changes city rules in April DOT hearing, explicitly legalize pedal-assist e-bikes.

However, the allowed e-bikes equipped at manufacture with pedal-assist would increase delivery workers' cost. It makes workers will lose thousands of dollars due to traffic stops resulting in fines, confiscations, and lost wages.

After all, the trend of using e-bikes is coming. For most users, easy, good-looking, and not too expensive are the factors they thought when choosing an e-bike. Some e-bikes even have extra batteries as range extenders, which is quite an advantage comparing other suppliers.

Besides, automotive suppliers are stirring up the e-bike industry. One of the evidence is that the first automatic transmission for electric bicycles announced at the E Bike Days, for everyone who doesn’t feel like shifting gears.

Another trend of E-bikes is the shared economy in the industry. E-bike renting has appeared in our life.

By the way, there are also many choices when you try this newest transport. E-bikes, Pedelecs, Electric Scooters, Electric Motorcycles, E-Trike,etc. For instance, Rayvolt's battery can be recharged via a solar panel. Which one would you like? Tell us!