The Key To Any Good Electric Bike

Update:03 Jan 2020

The key to any good electric bike is ensuring that all […]

The key to any good electric bike is ensuring that all of the components work together.

The battery, motor and display combination will provide all of the assistance required in a smooth ride.

The battery provides power to the motor which powers the drivetrain to give you all of the assistance you require to tackle hills and long rides.

The display allows you to control how much assistance is provided and what power is sent from the motor to the drivetrain.

Charging an electric bike is super simple - just like a mobile phone or laptop, you'll just need to plug it into any wall outlet. Batteries can take from 2 to 8 hours to charge it's all dependent on the make and model of the battery.

Electric bikes are typically heavier than non-electric bikes so the added weight needs to be considered in stopping distance and safety. However there is no direct impact on how hard you have to use the brakes on electric brakes due to the power when compared to non-electric.