The Best Electric Scooter Purchase Tricks

Update:02 Jan 2019

The best electric scooter is a personal choice and depe […]

The best electric scooter is a personal choice and depends on your individual needs and riding environment. It is like asking “what is the best car to buy.”


The biggest factors to consider when purchasing an e-scooter are price, range the scooter travel on a charge, motor power, and scooter weight. If your commute is 15 kilometers round-trip, you should look for something with at least 25km range.


If you need to carry the scooter up a flight of stairs or just over non-ridable terrain, you should check the weight of the scooter. Spoiler: they are generally heavy.


Having a more powerful motor will be very helpful if you will be riding up inclines. On flat roads, scooters of 250 watts are generally fine, but they will lose a lot of speed on pretty much any incline. If you have small hills, start looking at scooters in the 350–500 watt range.


After those basics, then start looking at tires and suspension. If you will be riding on rough streets, it would help to have pneumatic (rather than airless) tires and at least front or rear suspension.