More And More People Own Electric Bikes

Update:04 Jul 2019

Electric motorbikes and motorbikes are increasingly loo […]

Electric motorbikes and motorbikes are increasingly looking like they are ready to transition from mere curiosities to mainstream modes of transportation.


Batteries on the electric bicycles are rated to 3,000 complete charge cycles before hitting 80% capacity. This means that one of the electric cycles could travel as much as 308,000 miles on its original power pack.


There are a few reason to own an electric bike, scooter, Sedgway, etc.. Some are points are changing.


They can be taken on the train
They do not need insurance
They are fine in hot weather
They do not need to be licensed and the operator does not need a license- changing.
There was no need for a helmet - changing
The laws/rules of age were/are not enforced
The laws of speed limitation is not enforced. There is one, but not enforced. The speed limit is on the power of the bike, not the speed in travel. Down hill is faster.
Parking is not a problem
Since laws are not enforced, people ride on pedestrian shortcuts.