Innovation In The Electric Bicycle Industry This Week

Update:12 Jul 2018

Electric bike can be used to ride longer distances, car […]

Electric bike can be used to ride longer distances, carry cargo, assist inconvenient people to neglect body issues.


Here we'll talk about the latest innovation in the industry in this week, and remember to stay tuned at our site for more details.



Recently, there are new e-bike models have been announced by a California company, minibike styled retro e-bikes which is designed in out-of-the-box.


The new minibike has aluminum box-styled open frame, high power Li-ion battery, advanced LED display, hydraulic brakes, 20″ wheels with 4″ fat tires and also a long bench seat.


Then, let's focus eyes on the electric mountain bikes. Shimano designed a new heavier duty off-road mid-drive motor that using wireless data transmission for people who want recreational riding.


Meanwhile, Brose updated their mid-drive motor. The new motor not only increases power of the bike but also reduce weight of the previous model. After all, mid-drive motors can offer better hill climbing performance than hub motors for mountain bikes not to mention its superior weight balance.