Get E-bike Run In Your Own Desired Speed

Update:18 Jul 2019

Getting your e-bike or scooter run in your own desired […]

Getting your e-bike or scooter run in your own desired speed is not difficult; you only need to do a few things to get this done. However, it’s important you put into consideration the regulation guiding electric bikes in your country because, in some countries like the UK, you definitely mustn’t get your bike to run more than 250 watts.


These are the few ways you can increase the speed of your bike:


Change to a more powerful motor.

Getting another more powerful motor is a very good way to get your bike running at higher speed. You can consider changing the motor from 500W to 800W for example.

You can also add to the battery current:

When the battery current is hyped, the speed of the bike will definitely come up. Change the battery current from, say 48V20A to 48V40A. I enjoy my bikes running at 48V40A anyway.

Touch the limit wires:

This is also a brilliant way to increase the speed. There are speed limit wires that came with your electric bikes to make sure the speed is kept at a reasonable check. You can get the bike running at higher speed by unplugging the speed limit wires in the controller. Use more wire controller. Considering 12 0r 18 wires is a perfect spot to aim.