Four Things You Should Get Before Riding E-Bikes Nowadays

Update:24 Jul 2018

For people who want to ride an electric bicycle, there […]

For people who want to ride an electric bicycle, there are many accessories they can't ignore nowadays.


Head Protection With Helmet Networks

The modern head protection can be wirelessly connected to your cellphone or navigation device and dictate the route to your destination. It contains integrated Bluetooth systems, speakers, and microphones. With this equipment, you can not only chat with friends during your tour, but also enjoy the navigating.There are even some e-bike app that equiped a camera, which allows you to stream your e-bike trip live on social media.


Charge E-bike Battery With Solar Panels

To protect environmentally friendly, the industry produced a combination of battery and solar charging station as an addition to the e-bike. You can charge battery with the foldable solar charging panel in one hour or come to a bamboo solar charging station.


Special E-bike Insurance

Usually, people can get normal household insurance when their bikes were stolen in a locked room of a residential building and the amount insured is very low. So, Cyclists' Association advice people to take out special bicycle insurance. "Bike is only secured to a limited extent. In the event of an insurance claim, it’s always essential to have a purchase receipt for your bike."


E-bike Roadside Assistance

More and more people are on the road with e-bikes and often can no longer solve technical problems on their own. To deal with the emergency situation, most automotive clubs provide a roadside assistance service for cyclists. Local merchants will help you or get a taxi ride home.