Expectation: Further Growth Of Electric Bicycle Industry In 2018

Update:18 Jul 2018

As its importances rising up, electric bike market deve […]

As its importances rising up, electric bike market develops rapidly. According to ZIV, the German bicycle market association, electric bike sales in 2018 may reach 900,000.


Apart from the cold March, many people prefer to cycling with e-bikes in warm weather this year. "A trend toward electrification of bicycles of all kinds has been embraced in the market, with innovative business models such as leasing or logistics providing additional popularity among commuters and businesses."


To attract more people to use the bike and e-bike, the industry updated better disc brakes, ABS, belt drive and central transmission to make the bikes more comfortable and safer.


The German government even decided to build the cycling infrastructure and communication with €200 million to draw people's attention to the advantages of a high proportion of cycling since there are 280,000 jobs and €16 billion in trade that generated from the bicycle industry.


By the way, the Global Electric Bicycles Industry report came out this month. In the report, you can get information on trends and developments, and focuses on markets and materials, capacities and technologies, and on the changing structure of the Electric Bicycles Market. It is reported that the global Electric Bicycles market is valued at 1700 million US$ in 2017 and will reach 6090 million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 20.0% during 2018-2025.


Major Region including: North America, Europe, China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and Other regions.

The Market was split by Application: Kids, Commuters and Professional

Product Types: Pedal, Assist/Pedelecs Power on Demand, Pedal Assist with Power on Demand