E-Bike: It's All About Reducing Barriers

Update:17 Dec 2018

Bike riders have plenty of ideas on how to make cycling […]

Bike riders have plenty of ideas on how to make cycling in cities more popular. Generally, the most consequential shift in American cycling habits could come not from standard requests such as more safety features or expanded bike lanes, but from electrification.


Growing number of planners and biking advocates believes that opening up our bike lanes and roadways to electric bikes, or e-bikes, would be a boon for cycling.


It’s all about reducing barriers. There will always be bikers who will ride no matter the weather, as well as a sizable part of the population wouldn’t dare use a bike for personal transportation. E-bikes target the wide crowd of commuters in-between, who perhaps ride occasionally, or would like to, but face physical limitations.


E-bikes can help overcome many issues; they’re faster, able help those with disabilities or physical limitations ride longer and get up hills, and require less exertion, meaning everyday riders don’t get their business attire all sweaty and crumpled on their way to the office. And, despite the perceived hassle, cost, and environmental cost of charging, e-bikes are extremely efficient.


The electric boost was a godsend. The e-bike provided a noticeable boost and resulted in a mostly sweat-free ride home from work.