Comparison Of Energy Consumption Between Electric Bicycle And Motorcycle

Update:07 May 2020

Today, with the increasing consumption of the earth's r […]

Today, with the increasing consumption of the earth's resources, we sincerely hope that everyone will use electric bicycles more. Because a small electric bicycle can save the earth's resources every year, and provide more care and cleanness for our world.


Let's take a look at the energy consumption data of electric bicycles: (In order to be more intuitive, let's compare motorcycles and electric bicycles here)



Basic energy consumption of electric bicycles and motorcycles


Electric bicycles consume 1.2 degrees of electricity per 100 kilometers, 0.456 kilograms of standard coal, travel 10,000 kilometers per year (average 27.4 kilometers per day), consume 120 degrees of electricity, emit 96 kilograms of carbon dioxide, and 120 million electric bicycles emit 11.52 million tons of carbon dioxide. It consumes 5.472 million tons of standard coal.


Motorcycles consume 2.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, travel 10,000 kilometers per year, and consume 250 liters of fuel, which is 180 tons of gasoline, which is equivalent to 291.5 kilograms of standard coal and emits 575 kilograms of carbon dioxide. Assuming that 120 million motorcycles emit 69 million tons, the consumption It can be equivalent to 34.98 million tons of standard coal.


More intuitive energy saving data for electric bicycles


1. An electric bicycle instead of a motorcycle can reduce 479 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions by driving 10,000 kilometers per year, which is equivalent to the reduction of 4.79 million plastic bags (reducing one 0.1 grams), which is equivalent to 26 trees. (Emission reduction of 18.2 kg per tree).

2. An electric bicycle replaces a motorcycle to drive 10,000 kilometers per year and saves 245.9 kg of carbon dioxide.

3. 120 million electric bicycles replace motorcycles, and the annual reduction of 57.48 million tons of carbon dioxide is equivalent to 3.14 billion trees planted, which is equivalent to 1.31 million people in China using 1,211 plastic bags per person per day.

4. 120 million electric bicycles replace motorcycles, which is equivalent to reducing the use of 29.508 million tons of standard coal per year, and theoretically can reduce the use of gasoline by 30 billion liters per year.


The above is only compared with the energy consumption of motorcycles. If it is a car, then the resources saved by electric bicycles will be more. Therefore, in order to make our planet more beautiful, please use bicycles and electric cars as much as possible, and reduce the use of motorcycles or cars. Protect the environment, start with me!