The 33rd China Zhejiang International Electric Vehicle Exhibition 2012

Update:29 Mar 2018

The 33rd China Zhejiang International Bicycle Electric […]

The 33rd China Zhejiang International Bicycle Electric Vehicle Exhibition will be held from October 12 to 14, 2012 at the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. Sponsored by Zhejiang Bicycle Electric Vehicle Industry Association. This year, Zhejiang China will move to Ningbo to release new development space. The combination of strengths will create a refreshing trading platform. After re-integration and resource reorganization, the current session of the Zhejiang International Bicycle Electric Vehicle Exhibition will be highlighted.

The Zhejiang Bicycle Electric Vehicle Show is an early and relatively large-scale provincial bicycle electric vehicle professional exhibition in China's bicycle industry. It has successfully held 32 sessions. Especially after the 21st session, the exhibition has been included in the registration project of Hangzhou Xibo Fair. Both the scale of the exhibition and the influence of the exhibition have been increasing year by year. It has become one of the important exhibitions in the bicycle industry in China to promote the development of the bicycle electric vehicle industry in China. Promoting and prospering the market has played an important role. Zhejiang Exhibition also won many awards. Nowadays, the industry has entered a new era of transformation and upgrading. The industry needs a transformation and upgrading. The exhibition also needs to transform itself into a platform for enterprise transformation and upgrading, and provide good services. In order to better promote Zhejiang's bicycle industry to take a good path of transformation and development, brand development, and innovation and development, Zhejiang Exhibition will also have to undergo a comprehensive transformation, continue to innovate ideas for exhibitions, innovate in exhibitions, enhance exhibitions, and expand The content of the exhibition will create a new 33-nation Zhejiang exhibition to meet the needs of the new situation in the industry, new transformations and new developments, and to better play the role of the Zhejiang exhibition.

The exhibition company carefully designed the booth, large LED display, and invited a number of foreign models beautiful debut, there are professional performance team, attracted many exhibiting customers, the show in the wit of the host, not only publicity The company's latest products and technologies also distributed a large number of well-prepared small gifts to the majority of consumers and exhibitors, and achieved great success in this exhibition! Trevi Lion has always insisted on its own branding, winning the trust of all customers with quality and integrity!