The 12th China Taizhou (Huangyan) Electric Vehicle Exhibition

Update:29 Mar 2018

On March 20, 2015, it was sponsored by Zhejiang Provinc […]

On March 20, 2015, it was sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and the People's Government of Huangyan District, Taizhou, and organized by the Taizhou Bicycle (E-bike) Industry Association. The twelfth co-sponsored by “Business Electric Vehicle” and Haoyu Advertising Co., Ltd. The opening ceremony of the China-Taizhou (Huangyan) Electric Vehicles and Components Exhibition was grandly opened at the Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Zhejiang Province. The leaders and guests attending the opening ceremony included the China Bicycle Association and the provincial and municipal electric vehicles and bicycle industry associations, the National Quality Inspection Center, the National Standards Committee Electric Vehicle Sub-Branch Committee and the chairman and secretary-general of the provinces and cities associations across the country, the organizer Zhejiang. Provincial Department of Commerce, Huangyan District People's Government and Taizhou City People's Government, Economic and Information Commission, Business Bureau and other people from all walks of life.


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