Brake Used In Electric Powered Tricycle

Update:20 Jun 2019

Electric bikes have revolutionized the way we think abo […]

Electric bikes have revolutionized the way we think about cycling and have made riding a bike possible for a much wider range of people. Still, some people may have trouble riding a bike due to coordination and core strength issues. This is where the 3 wheel design comes in handy.

Which brake is best for an electric powered tricycle: a disc or a power brake?

We assuming your vehicle speed is less than 45kmph and gross vehicle weight approx 250kg, because its directly depend on vehicle speed/energy involved with vehicle.

Drum brake- complicate assembly,extra weight which directly affecting your vehicle performance, maintenance issue.

Disc brake- some people will prefer mechanical operated disc brake, because no use of hydraulic, time saving, easily serviceable,less weight and easily installment.

A type of trike features a caliper brake on the front wheel rather than a disc brake. This change may be extremely important for riders who live in a hilly area or ride in the rain frequently since the caliper brake lacks the intensive stopping power of a disc brake.

Braking dependent on your vehicle speed and weight on vehicle, before doing anything just find your application and various aspect like max speed, gross weight etc.