An Electric Bike Is The Definition Of Practical

Update:10 Jun 2019

An electric bike is the definition of practical. You ca […]

An electric bike is the definition of practical. You can save money, potentially time depending on if you live in the city or not, just like with a regular bike.


However with an electric bike you can eliminate the negative aspects of riding a push bike to work in the morning, lycra suits, queueing for a morning shower at the office and lets face it some days just being to lazy to cycle.


Regular biking has been enjoyed by people for hundreds of years, but because regular bikes solely rely on leg power, some people have not been able to ride as far as they like, or simply can’t ride at all.


Some simply can’t ride the long distances they would like to travel because of hills, or they simply lack the physical fitness required to bike long distances.


Elderly people, those getting back into shape, or people with injuries can see traditional bicycling as unrealistic. Many times, regular biking is considered an inconvenience simply because of the effort required, compared to cars and other transportation options. Electric bikes remove the barriers that could limit people from biking.


Most electric bikes have pedal assist, which allows the rider to set how much power should be given by the electric motor. Thus, when a rider is pedaling, the motor automatically kicks in to feed power to the bike. Some bikes also have a manual throttle - much like a motorcycle or scooter has - that allows the rider to access power on demand.