A New Kind Of Digital Coin Mining Electric Bicycle Announced

Update:20 Jun 2018

The E-bike industry is mature and diverse. To celebrate […]

The E-bike industry is mature and diverse. To celebrate the 15th year in business, a specialist UK electric bicycle manufacturer decided to roll out a new series of crypto mining e-bikes which expected to be delivered in September.



It is said that the digital coin mining electric bicycle will be called Toba. According to CyclingIndustry, the cryptocurrency is called LoyalCoin and these coins or tokens will be released at a rate of about $30 for every 1,000 miles cycled.


50 Cycles offers discounts to customers who pre-order a Toba bike using cryptocurrency. They can also be swapped for various other digital currencies – many of which are accepted at the company’s official website. Those customers that pay in cryptocurrencies for their products will be rewarded with exclusive discounts too.


As we known, an electric bicycle is not to be confused with a scooter or electric motorcycle. These electric bikes – or E-Bikes – pedal and handle just like a normal bicycle and utilize many of the same generic bicycle parts. Then, manufacturers are able to seamlessly integrate components like a motor, battery and controller to augment human power on demand but not completely replace it.


An electric bicycle (e-bike) has an electric motor either built into the front or back wheel, which gives riders an assist with hills or the ability to accelerate from an electric battery. E-bikes can reach 28 mph. If residents can replace their car in the summertime with an electric bicycle, they speed up your commute.


There are even some people come up with the legality of electric bicycles being ridden on bike paths within the borough. In some places like Rocky Mountain National Park, E-bikes was considered a motor vehicle which allowed to be used in these areas.


"This form of transportation could help reduce the town's traffic congestion," Mayor Todd Jirsa from Colorado encouraging the use of e-bikes. By the way, it's a fantastic option for people with physical limitations.